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Naturopathic Medicine

Hi! I’m Dr. Shelby Entner and am the owner and founder of Vero Health Naturopathic Care. I graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1996 and received my doctorate from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, OR in 2002.

Nineteen years of medical practice has allowed me to combine clinical experience with scientific knowledge to address patient concerns. I work with you to provide treatment programs that are highly effective, realistic and relevant to understand. The best part of my job is helping you to understand your health and be empowered with knowledge and tools to start feeling well again.

We work together using natural medicines, advanced lab testing, nutrition and supplements, herbal medicines, IV nutritional medicine, bio-identical hormones and I utilize my medical training to diagnosis and treat the underlying causes of illness. Emotional and physical health are always assessed together because you are not just a condition but a complex individual experiencing symptoms of dis-ease. We want to understand how your illness affects Y O U and what the best treatment will be for Y O U.

Throughout my medical training and practicums I have advanced training and experience with:



Digestive Disorders

Hormonal Issues including menopause, PMS, fertility, PCOS

Weight Loss

Men’s Health

Thyroid disorders

Autoimmune disease


Acne, Eczema & Psoriasis

These are a few of my qualifications and experiences:

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine since 2002

Extensive education in women’s health from gynaecology rotations in U.S and practicing bio-identical hormones since 2000

IV Certified in nutritional IVs and chelation therapy since 2006

Licensed to prescribe conventional medications with prescription authority since 2008

Four years of being a CPP Review Tribunal medical member for the Canadian government

I have taught in hospitals and universities, lectured extensively throughout the U.S and Canada about natural medicine and have been a frequent contributor to newspapers and magazines.

Currently a Health Ambassador for Nature’s Fare

Advanced training and membership in EndoANP (endocrinology/hormones)

And a presenter at the Oscars for a health company presenting free swag :)

I have had the pleasure of helping thousands of people over the years. I downsized my clinic in the spring of 2017 to focus on a more intimate and immediate connection with my patients. I ran a successful “Noah’s Ark” medical clinic of practitioners for many years but realized that downsizing and simplifying my life gave me more energy and time for myself and for you.

I have a busy family with my husband Ryan and my two teenagers and we love the Okanagan lifestyle of sun and snow! I look forward to helping you and your families find their best health, the “Vero Health” we all deserve!

Hi! I’m Dr. Shelby Entner and am the owner and founder of Vero Health Naturopathic Care. I grad... Read More

Ashley Piderman is a Registered Acupuncturist with the CTCMA and has been a part of Vero Health since 2014.

Growing up in Nelson, BC, Ashley has always been aware of acupuncture, though only ventured to her first appointments in her teenage years to help manage her knee pain from playing competitive sports. During her first course of treatments, she experienced an improvement in her overall health as well as a significant decrease in pain while the knee strength increased.

Years later, during one treatment after a car accident, Ashley thought to herself “Hey, I could do this”, and from that moment on, Ashley started working towards her goal of learning Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Attending the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences in her hometown, Ashley discovered a true passion for TCM and dedicated herself to completing the four year Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine program. Her studies were interrupted by a battle with Crohn’s disease, but she refused to give up on her dream and eventually completed her studies and graduated as the class valedictorian.

Ashley loves the theories and holistic approach of Chinese medicine. Major interests in treatments include autoimmune diseases, mental and emotional imbalances, insomnia, digestive complaints as well as pain management.

Her personal interests are varied when she’s not working with her patients. She enjoys learning Chinese written language, HEMA sword work, reading, drawing, and going to comic book conventions, occasionally writing for her own blog or other online sites.

Ashley Piderman is a Registered Acupuncturist with the CTCMA and has been a part of Vero Health s... Read More

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